Join the ONLINE & MOBILE ROAD TRANSPORT MARKETPLACE to become an Authenticated participant
(ShippersTransporters , Brokers/Agents and Suppliers  within the Transport Industry)

Here is What you Get..


  1. Access to the self-service portal to conduct daily business on a 24/7 via the web and mobile connectivity.
  2. All businesses are subject to a verification to determine that they exist and operate within the Transport Industry, thus all participants are authenticated.
  3. Easy contact to Suppliers of goods and services such as diesel suppliers, canvas, repair and maintenance, tyres etc.
  4. Manage your Shipments – Add a new shipment/cargo , edit/modify it as required, assign the shipment to a transporter (while informing the collection point with required details), upload a load confirmation, note collection and delivery, receive POD’s online covering the operational process of moving your cargo.
  5. Finding shipments and booking them, updating progress and indicating completion when done.
  6. Add your Empty Trucks , allowing Shippers to find your trucks. Accept online bookings for your empty trucks.
  7. Quotes Facilitator enable you to request a quote or provide quote.
  8. All role-players of the platform are subject to the online rating system enabling you to build your online reputation towards becoming a supplier of choice.
  9. Participate in our Rewards Program.
  10. Pay as you go – free registration and pay as you use. No subscription required.


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