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We provide, maintain and continuously improve a Road Transport Online Marketplace specifically designed for Southern Africa.


Individual Shippers move your cargo hassle free. Commercial Shippers joining Trans-Web Road Transport Online Marketplace allowing you full control of your shipment from collection to delivery via our value add services such as basic workflow management , transparent online rating system and Rewards Program.


Filling your empty trucks whilst dealing directly with Shippers thus increase profitability, whilst capitalising on the online application and built in workflow as part of our value add service offering. Access to quotes, available work for your trucks as well as to suppliers of services such as canvas, breakdown, diesel and other key role-players forms part of the platform.

Brokers / Agents

Some Shippers & Transporters appoint Brokers/Agents to assist in the process of finding cargo to move and securing trucks to meet specific transport requirements.
Brokers/Agents can now form part of the supply chain revolution by reaching both Shippers and Transporters online. Workflow management of the basic transport process form part of the value add services the platform provides. Our Rating system and Rewards Program provide significant advantages.


A variety of Products & Services such as canvas, diesel, breakdown services, Truck & Trailer Sales, Insurance, Clearing agents and more, is required to operate a successful transport business. Suppliers advertise their services and goods via the same platform as the other role-players with the functionality to run promotions and to reach potential customers directly.

About us

15 Years first-hand experience as a Transporter, Shipper and Transport Broker moulded a solid understanding of the road transport industry and its challenges. An unstoppable urge to modernise, optimise and revolutionise the road transport trucking operations led to the creation of this Road Transport Online Marketplace . A new dawn for a sustainable and reliable platform adding value to Southern Africa’s Road Transport industry was initiated.

The transport industry is day by day becoming more challenging and therefore requires a technologically advanced tool which is described as a Self-service Online/Mobile APP to facilitate the moving of cargo via Road.


We strive to become Southern Africa’s leading Road Transport Online Marketplace. The platform is to provide a self-service transport marketing and operations solution.


– Realtime and online 24/7
– Quality of Services
– Authenticated members
– Sensitivity towards requirements of all participants
– Enthusiastic drive towards adding value

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